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Recently performed Sam Ash shows hosted and performed by Peter Greco & Lou Gervey with special guest drummers:
​April 3rd - 48th St NYC - Dom, Peter, Lou guest performer Jason Gianni - Guest of Honor Sam Ulano
Feb 16th - Huntington, NY - Chris Tibaldi, Mark Portugal, Caryn Feder
Feb 29th - Springfield, NJ  - Felipe Torres, Matt Patella, Caryn Feder
March 14 - Forrest Hill, NY Peter & Lou with the Larry Carehan Drum Corps
May 23rd  -  Huntington, LI  Lou Gervey  "The Versatile Drummer"
June 11th - Huntington, LI Frank Perry   "A,bi-Symmetrical Drumming"
Nov 8th - Huntington, LI  Peter, Lou and Jeff Indyke "A night of Drums"
Nov  11th - Springfield NJ - Peter with Jason Gianni, Matt Petella, Caryn Feder and Rob McNamara "Drum Day"

All performers can be found on FaceBook and their email address on our 'Team Member' page 
Drumming living legend Sam Ulano performs in clinic, imparting his wisdom, knowledge and stories as he celebrates his 92nd birthday. 

Sam Ulano / Peter Greco
In a very special tribute to Sam's legacy 
Tues July 10th  Sam Ash main store at:
156 48th St NYC  ( the old Manny's)
This was a very special show - 
once in a lifetime!
Happy Birthday Sam
Monday Eve July 7th
Sam Ash Huntington, NY

Lou Gervey to Present:
Drumming of The British Invasion

Lou and his band will perform and discuss the influences of Ringo. Charlie Watts, Dave Clark, 
Kieth Moon and Ginger Baker

Sponsored by Mapex, Vic Firth inc 
& Sam Ash